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New Member FAQ

What is the Good Sam Club?

The Good Sam Club is an International RV Club which includes Canada, United States and Mexico. The Club is divided up into different areas throughout the United States and Canada called Regions and each has a
Regional Director who is responsible for their operations.

The Regions with their States or Provinces are:

  • Central Plains Region- IA ,NE, WY, CO, UT
  • Midatlantic Region- NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, WV
  • Northern Plains Region- MB, SK, NW, ON, MN, ND, SD, WI
  • Northern Regions- ON, QC, NB, PEI, NS, ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY
  • Northwest Region- AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, AB, BC
  • Ohio Valley Region- MI, IN, OH, KY, IL
  • South Region- OK, TX, LA, AK, KS, MO
  • Southeast Region- AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN
  • West Region- AZ, N.CA, S. CA, NV. NM

Each State/Province within the Regions are represented by a State or Provincial Director. Within the State or Province there are Good Sam Chapters.

What is a Good Sam Chapter?

A Good Sam Chapter is comprised of Good Sam Club members and are normally from specific geographic area. Each Chapter has a Staff which is a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Wagon Master. This Staff is elected normally every two years to give some structure within the Chapter. Usually during the months of May, June, July, August, September and sometimes in October the Chapters will have Campouts which is arranged by the Wagon Master as to which campground or place they will go to. Each member of the Chapter is responsible for their site cost and reservation confirmation. These locations are chosen by the consensus of the membership. The Chapter Wagon Master will poll the membership prior to each campout and make a block reservation for those able to attend. All Campouts are for two nights (arrive Friday and leave Sunday) but individual members can extend their stay before or after the campout. If the Chapter has a social committee or member they will likely coordinate what is going to be brought for the Saturday supper Pot Luck.
Some Chapters will arrange a trip to different parts of the Maritimes and the Eastern States for a week period and attend Rally in that area.

What is a Rally?

A Good Sam Rally is a gathering of Good Sam Members in their RV’s. In our case for the Atlantic Canada Rally, there will be 100+ RVer’s who come from the Maritimes, other Canadian Provinces and the USA where a lot of lasting friendships are made. The Rally is held in July and most of our Chapters use this time as one of their Campouts. A registration form on our website which indicates the fees for parking sites ( water and electricity) and meals ( breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and Dinner/Supper on Saturday for Chapter members and non chapter members. The formal Rally is from Friday until usually noon on Sunday. Early bird parking starts on the Monday prior to the Rally and on Thursday there is a Pot Luck Supper.
Registration also included breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and a dinner on Saturday evening. It should also be pointed out that you can bring a friend with or without an RV. If they have an RV, the rates of a non-chapter member will apply. If they are staying in your rig, they will pay for their meals. Activities at the Rally include many types of games washer toss, bean bag baseball, etc., and card games. A pamphlet is given out when you come through Registration giving the times of these activities. Friday night there is an official opening with welcome remarks from the Atlantic Canada Director and other Good Sam Executive who may be attending as well as local dignitaries.
After Sunday morning breakfast there is an interdenominational church service and then followed by the closing ceremony.
Vests are warm to distinguish each chapter from all others at gatherings like the annual Good Sam Rally. Chapter Pot Luck and during short business meetings that are part of our campouts. Anytime an occasion requires wearing the Vest, Name Tags should also be worn and displayed. Additionally the vests are an excellent place to display badges and crests earned such as Caravan and the Century Patch.

Why do we wear Name Tags?

Name tags are worn so that members, especially new members, can learn the names of the other members.
This is particularly true during our Rally and other Rally’s you must visit.
(Note, the Vest, Name Tags and other signs are obtained at the the new members expense.)

Good Sam Constitution and By-Laws.

The Good Sam Club is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws. With the objective of stimulating a greater interest and development of the principles of good camping, ecological awareness, kindness for our fellow human being and all wildlife throughout the world; and with the avid desire of creating an enthusiasm which by reason of example, we hereby from ourselves into The Good Sam Club adhering to the following pledge:

The Good Sam Club Pledge

As a member of the Good Sam Club I pledge to give aid to others in need, respect nature and the environment, give back to the community and those less fortunate, treat others with dignity and respect, and to wear a smile ( like Good Sam and Good Samantha’s ) and promote the pledge of the Good Sam Club to others.

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